Vanessa tells Kirin he’s Johnny’s daddy

*Second episode*

Adam has reacted badly to finding out he’s not Johnny’s father and shocked Vanessa has raced to the Woolpack to tell Kirin about the awful mix-up before Adam can get to him. Rakesh and Priya have overheard and are panicking… It was Rakesh who doctored the original DNA test so that Adam would be named as Johnny’s father instead of Kirin - and Priya knew all about it. Now the truth’s out and Rakesh is frantically working on damage limitation, but he’s already caused untold heartbreak to Adam and his family, not to mention his own son and Vanessa.

Ashley’s told his children about his dementia and word soon spreads around the village. His ex-wife Bernice is stunned by the news but supportive. Nicola, though, thinks there’s trouble ahead for the vicar…

There could also be trouble for Pete when he offers Moira comfort after she hears Johnny’s not her grandson. Does he care for Moira as more than a friend? It looks that way… And if Cain sees that look then Pete could be in for yet another beating.