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VJ loses his temper with baby Luc

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Is Luc in danger from VJ, who's struggling to cope with her?

Now that Luc has returned from Irene’s, VJ assures Alf that he can cope with Luc by himself. Later, Luc starts crying, but V is unable to calm her down. After trying everything he possibly can to stop Luc, from screaming, he loses his temper and violently shakes her cot! How far will VJ go to grab some peace and quiet?

At the Diner, Irene knows that Leah and VJ are struggling to cope with Luc, so she makes Leah a life-changing offer…

Justin and Phoebe finally face each other and discuss if ending their relationship is the best thing to do. Will the pair call it quits? Or will Phoebe follow her heart and accept Justin’s marriage proposal?