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Who's Diego?

Holly's almost sent flying by a speeding campervan but Robbie saves her. Holly tells Robbie to leave her alone, but after a chat with wreckless driver 'Diego' about passion, Holly wonders whether it's Robbie she really wants. Elsewhere, Diego asks Darren where he can find 'Countess MacCoin'. Mac, Ellie and Rachel prepare The Dog for Pete and Reenie's wedding but their decorations are scrapped when Myra and Reenie want the venue to look more tropical. Myra pales when Diego walks in, half-naked, hoping to use the pub's shower - what's she hiding?

Meanwhile, Pete makes Cleo promise not to say anything about their relationship to Reenie but Cleo's heartbroken when she realises Pete's still messaging Jade. Cleo swipes Jade’s phone and messages Pete to meet her in The Folly. Pete darkens when Cleo threatens to tell Reenie what he’s been up to and she’s frightened when she gets a glimpse of what he’s really like…

Mercedes is refusing to see Joe but Myra urges her to tell him the truth about baby Gabriel. As Mercedes finds Joe at Gabriel’s grave, he tells her he still loves her but she can’t bring herself to tell him he's Gabriel's father.

Also, Rachel's concerned that Mac's still brooding over Neeta and makes a phone call. Mac's stunned when Neeta turns up and proposes to her. But when he hears Cindy's coming back from her holiday tomorrow, he knows he needs to get a divorce - and quick!