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Will Billie take no for an answer?

Kyle regrets sleeping with Billie and tells her it won't happen again, but she continues to flirt with him. When Billie says she is thinking of staying in Summer Bay, Ash asks Kyle if she can have Andy's room. Kyle refuses, so Ash convinces Andy to move in with Hannah, but Kyle tells Billie there is no way she can stay at the Braxtons.

Hannah wants to take Andy for a meal to celebrate his exam success, but the romantic vibe is killed when he suggests Oscar joins them. Later, Oscar offers to stay behind to lock up to avoid Andy at dinner but Hannah tells him to be honest. At dinner, Andy asks to move in permanently and the request sends Oscar over the edge.

Phoebe returns to the Bay but Kyle dashes her dreams of a reunion. At Andy’s celebration dinner, Phoebe follows Kyle to the storeroom for heart to heart, but he asks if they can talk later. A persistent Phoebe decides to follow him home but before knocking she overhears him and Billie talking about their night of passion.