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Will Cleo get a birthday kiss?

Nadine Mulkerrin plays Cleo McQueen in Hollyoaks

The young McQueen turns 18 – and it seems someone's got their eye on the birthday girl...

Ellie encourages Nathan to go for it with Cleo, who’s preparing to quietly celebrate her 18th birthday. Lisa, however, suggests she have a party at The Dog so she can get her own claws into Nathan. Nathan is desperate to tell Cleo how he feels about her and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.

Mercedes warns Diego to get rid of Maria and the drugs by the end of the day. Maria shakily sets up a meeting with a dealer and, when Myra hears the tail-end of their conversation, she wants answers. Later, as Diego and Maria head to the meeting with the dealer, Maria passes out in Diego’s arms. She’s too weak to go any further and asks Mercedes to meet the dealer instead…

Also, Esther is feeling down about Grace’s rejection, while Grace and Frankie team up to stop the wedding. Kim and Esther return home to find they’ve been burgled and all their wedding stuff has been stolen.

And the Donovans officially open the salon and Adam invites Ellie to work with them.