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Will Darren confront Nancy about Robbie?

Blessing and Tegan both decide to apply for the Student Union Social Secretary job. Darren is in turmoil after what Phoebe told him and, to make himself feel better, asks Blessing and Tegan to liven up the pub. Nancy comes in to find Darren dancing with Blessing and, when she shouts at him, he tells the whole pub that he knows about her and Robbie. Nancy swears nothing has happened and Darren believes her, but she feels guilty about the kiss.

A desperate Jason meets up with Stan again and asks for more steroids. He overdoses and collapses in the village, leaving Freddie alarmed. Sandy arrives at the club and Freddie covers for his brother. He tells Stan to stay away from Jason and a desperate Jason steals money from Sandy to get pills elsewhere.

Patrick blames Maxine for his broken relationship with Sienna. When he takes her new lipstick and draws an idiotic clown smile on her, she feels humiliated.

At the Lomax's, Nico is heartbroken when Sienna tells Leela how beautiful 'Caroline' was. Nico decides to tell Sienna who she is but Sienna thinks she's lying and rejects her - Nico promises that Sienna will regret it.