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Will David kill Macca in Corrie?

David Platt in Coronation Stree

David Platt is released and immediately goes looking for Macca in Corrie...

The police question Gail about David’s whereabouts the morning Macca was attacked but David is released when the police concede he had nothing to do with it. David sets his sights once more on revenge and heads to the hospital where Macca lies fighting for his life…

Eileen demands to know what’s going on with the twice-sold apartment but Todd and Phelan reassure her it’s just a well-practiced sales scam. Eileen is furious but can Vinny and Phelan get her back onside?

Sarah’s perturbed when Izzy makes a point of telling Sarah they saw Bethany out running on her lunch hour.

Freddie’s unnerved when Audrey asks him to stay at hers. Steve accuses Tim of trying to steal his new friend.