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Will Georgia fall for Nick’s charms?

Recognising an opportunity to get closer to Georgia – and thus to winning his bet with Paul – Nick reads her personal notebook and discovers her pre-baby bucket list. It’s only a matter of time before he exploits it.

Brad tries to help Bailey and convinces him to come down and join his running club. A job made easier when Bailey learns that they're training for the Erinsborough Festival Fun Run, which has a prize of $500. At the same time, a fuse is lit in Brad after another run-in with Nick resulting in him pushing the runners – and Bailey in particular – to their personal limits.

After reaching a Faustian pact with Dimato, Matt is hurled into a pit of self loathing. The next morning he receives a text - $10,000 has been transferred into his bank account. Now Matt has a choice – tell Lauren, or go with a cover. Seeing her delight that they're 'out of the red', Matt doesn’t have the heart to admit the truth.