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Will Jimmi pass his exam?

(Image credit: BBC)

Will Jimmi finally qualify as a counsellor?

Jimmi has one final test before he qualifies as a counsellor. Senior counsellor, Jason, wants Jimmi to see one of his patients, a woman called Celia. Jimmi learns that Celia is suffering from complex grief disorder. She explains that after her husband's death she moved in with her niece and her niece's husband and the couple have been emotionally abusive towards her. Celia becomes emotional and leaves the room. Jason doesn't believe Celia's story, but Jimmi sympathises with Celia. Is Celia telling the truth and will Jimmi pass his final assessment?

Ayesha finds Valerie flicking through bridal magazines and is frustrated by Valerie's actions. Determined to make Valerie see sense, Ayesha takes her out and she tells Valerie that Ashley needs to leave his wife before he proposes to her. Valerie knows Ayesha is speaking sense, but instead of listening, she attacks Ayesha for her honesty. Will Valerie say something she regrets?