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Will Maxine say 'I do?'

At the church, Patrick watches as his bride-to-be walks down the aisle - will they say 'I do?' Patrick and Maxine get married but, at the reception, Patrick forces Maxine to eat a slice of cake and she gets flashbacks to when he did it last time. As Patrick's about to make a speech, Maxine stands and tells him she has to leave. As he grabs her, her dress rips revealing bruises and burns. Her concerned friends gasp and she admits that Patrick has been beating her. Patrick lies that she gave herself the bruises to get back at him for them not having a 'perfect' baby.

Sienna confesses to Dodger that Patrick used to beat her too. Dodger finds Maxine and tells her he loves her and believes her. Maxine says she loves him too. Patrick grabs Maxine and begins to drag her out of the room until Dodger comes to the rescue. He knocks Patrick unconscious and a petrified Maxine tells Dodger he's no better than Patrick!

Nancy and Rick sleep together and Darren nearly catches them. Nancy tells Rick that it was too close for comfort but Rick reveals that someone already knows about them. Esther is suspicious when she sees them looking cosy...