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Will Mercedes have an abortion?

Lindsey spots Mercedes with an abortion flyer and encourages her to think things through properly. Lindsey doesn't know Joe's the father of Mercedes’ baby. Meanwhile, Joe's unforgiving to Freddie, blaming him for yesterday’s setback. Mercedes asks Freddie if he spoke to Joe but, when she realises Joe hasn’t changed his mind, she gets in a taxi to the women’s clinic to have a termination. Freddie tells Joe and the pair race to find her. When they reach Mercedes, she reveals she couldn't go through with it.

Meanwhile, Reenie's in hospital after being hit by a car. Porsche softens and says the family will be there for her. When Reenie’s discharged, she and Porsche head to the school to see about a dinner-lady job. Later, Porsche and Cleo see Reenie in The Dog and Porsche assumes she's drunk. This angers Cleo, who reveals she was the reason Pete left. Later, Reenie comes home drunk.

Also, Maxine launches her new business and Patrick tries to damage her reputation. Later, when Patrick worries about leaving Minnie with no money when he dies, Theresa suggests he defrauds the school. He agrees as a one off - but Theresa says no one would find out.