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Will Phoebe work with Kyle again?

Kyle convinces Phoebe to have her old job back, but when she shows up for her shift, the former lovers are constantly bickering. Phoebe quits and storms round to Kat's caravan to vent. In the midst of their male-bashing session, both women realise they want their men back. Kat makes a drunken attempt to seduce Nate, but fails miserably.

Alf becomes friends with a fellow patient called Tom, who is an ex- war hero, but the next morning Alf learns that Tom has passed away. He offers to track down Tom’s son and pass on his belongings. As he goes through Tom's things he finds his medals and photos from the war.

Nate reminds Denny that Ricky and Brax have had a rough year and the deal with Gunno is the only way to help them. Denny tells Ash she supports his decision, but Kyle can't bear to see Denny get hurt again and decides to do the drop. As the pair see him off, Phoebe turns up and demands to know what they are hiding.