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Will Ricky tell Brax she's pregnant?

Brax is happy when Casey tells him he got his HSC. Later, Ricky musters up the courage to tell Brax about her pregnancy, but before she can tell him the truth, he ends things between them. He can't expect her to wait 10 years for him. It's over. Using all his strength, Brax walks away from a heartbroken Ricky. Meanwhile, Nate receives a call from the Board - they've granted his request for a transfer.

Tamara and Kyle spend every spare moment planning the River Meets the Bay Festival. They're both happy when Casey joins in. They decide to ask local businesses to support the festival and convince Leah and Irene to get involved.

Roo and Alf are disappointed when Maddy reveals she's back with Josh, but Nate tells Alf that Josh has been through a rough time, and he needs support. Maddy tell Roo she's planning to camp at the festival with Josh, and promises to stay in two different tents. Roo allows her to go, albeit with some reservations.

Meanwhile, Josh goes to Alf and with Nate's defence of Josh ringing in his ears, Alf agrees, but warns Josh to keep Andy away from Maddy. Roo and Maddy are both over the moon when Alf brings Josh back to the house for dinner.