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Will Ste and John Paul reunite?

Harry's jealous when Ste invites John Paul over for dinner. Ste makes an effort for John Paul and sets up a candlelit table in the Lomaxes' living room. However, when talk turns to their relationship and Harry, the evening turns sour. As John Paul leaves, Harry arrives and Ste can't keep his hands of him.

Maxine's curious when she arrives home to find an estate agent measuring up the flat. Patrick says he just wants to know how much it's worth, so Sienna and Nico will be provided for. Patrick’s delighted when a worried Jason comes round and asks how he is – convinced Patrick's being neglected. Patrick's keen to get rid of Maxine after arranging a meeting with his solicitor to sign the flat over to her – but is alarmed when his solicitor tells him Maxine will have to sign the papers too!

Nico decides to tell Jason about Holly's affair by planting a napkin under his coffee cup at The Bean, which reads: "Holly is cheating on you". Jason doesn't believe it and thinks it must be Holly's stalker just out to cause trouble. Jason goes to see Holly and finds a hooded figure trashing the flat. They push past Jason, sending him flying into the leg of the kitchen table and he falls awkwardly on his shoulder. Holly rushes in after Jason and is alarmed to find him crying out in pain.

Also, Tom's heartbroken when Ste tells him about Peri leaving.


Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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