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Xanthe is struggling

How will Xanthe manage the demands of life?

Xanthe is juggling a long-distance relationship, her education and her work experience as a midwife. At first, it seems that she's doing everything well, but Jack tells her that her grades have slipped. What will Xanthe do?

Susan returns home and Karl is keen to get their relationship back on track, but it is clear that Susan is struggling to move on. With Karl visibly upset with how things are between him and Susan, Holly goes to extreme lengths to put a smile on her father's face.

Finally, Chloe Brennan's arrival to Ramsay Street is starting to give residents the impression that she could be a handful. When Chloe tells Mark and Aaron that she plans to stay around for a while, both brothers have very different reactions. Chloe gets on the wrong side of Piper and she tells Elly that she's sexually adventurous and Elly could be her type. Then, Chloe convinces her brothers to have a pool party!