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Yasmeen’s BBQ is a wash-out

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Mary, Cathy and Rana arrive for Yasmeen’s barbecue and, having discovered that Rana’s a nurse, Mary quizzes her about her many ailments. As the heavens open, Yasmeen ushers her guests inside while a smug Sally waves to her from the comfort of her conservatory.

When Michelle admits to Liz that she kissed Will, Liz assures her she mustn’t let a stupid kiss ruin their marriage. Meanwhile, Sally tells Tim to stop embarrassing himself when he tries to give Steve caveman lessons. Later, Steve suggests to Michelle they have a quiet night in together, but she doesn’t seem keen.

At the Rovers, Gail fusses over Carla while David drags Nick into the Rovers backyard to ask what the consultant said. Back at home, Nick tries to make a cup of tea, but he accidentally pours boiling water on his hand, leaving Carla horrified when he loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall.

Sophie voices her suspicions about Caz’s accident to a defensive Kate.