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Zack loves Theresa's outfit, but Lisa's unimpressed!

Lisa's filled with jealousy when Theresa turns up at the Lovedays' in a sexy Christmas outfit. She tries to convince Zack that Theresa's using him for sex and he should be with someone else (she's secretly thinking her!) Later, Lisa admits to Jade that she loves Zack.

Porsche questions her mum about the letter from Derek's solicitor and Lockie encourages Porsche to find out what Derek's left her. They meet with a solicitor and Porsche's floored when she discovers Derek's left her a lot of money. Later, Porsche decides to find out why Derek has left her that money and is sickened to hear the truth from Reenie.

Leela wants to make her new flat feel like home for Peri, who's clearly not interested. Peri gets a text from Jade asking to meet up but, when she arrives at Esther’s Magic Bean, Ziggy's waiting to convince her to come home. Peri runs off when Cameron also turns up. Leela arrives to collect Peri and tells Cameron he'll never see his daughter again, leaving him furious. Later, Lockie's stunned when Cameron tells him he drove into Sam and Danny on purpose… and says he'll kill Leela too if she keeps him away from Peri…

Also, as Tony tells Ste he's not fit to be with his son, John Paul tells Reenie about his and Ste's pact to meet on Christmas Day. Tony plants the seed to John Paul that Ste still loves him.