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Zack's left in charge of baby Daniel – again!


Despite saying he'll change, it's clear Zack's NOT cut out for babysitting...

Zack promises Courtney that he'll come clean to Leela about shouting at baby Daniel, but Leela plans a special day with Zack at the Beach bar and he fails to tell her. Zack promises Courtney he won't mess up again – but when Daniel starts crying again, Zack fills with anger…

Meanwhile, Hunter rings in sick for his shift at The Dog, but Zack drops him in it. Mac heads round to the McQueens' to confront Hunter and discovers he lied because he was with a girl. Will he find out who?

Holly and Cindy suspect that Dirk's killed Armstrong when they discover Armstrong's badge in the bin, and Armstrong seemingly goes missing. Does anyone know what's happened to him?

And is Luke's reckless behaviour going to drive a wedge between him and Mandy?