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Zeedan notices Leanne’s bruises

Leanne bans Simon from football practice and he explodes and kicks her hard before locking himself in his room. Later, Leanne is furious to discover Simon has defied her by turning up to practice regardless. Later, Zeedan’s curiosity is piqued when he spots the bruise on Leanne’s leg...

Overcome with guilt about the fire, Tracy gives a bemused Sophie £200 towards Maddie’s memorial. Seeing how upset Tracy is, Ken tells her to take the afternoon off and she slopes off to the Bistro. But when Robert surprises her with a new dish he’s created, Tracy storms out, closely followed by Robert.

Lloyd tells Andrea how much his Northern Soul records have fetched online, when she receives a call from her daughter, Jess, asking for some money. Later, Andrea rings Jess back and tells her she’s got the cash.

Sophie grows suspicious of Sally and Kevin. Maria hatches a plan when Luke tells her he wants to take her on holiday, but can’t afford it.