'Call the Midwife' 10.07 recap — wedding planning, families and doing the right thing

Call the Midwife favourite Trixie rides her bike
Call the Midwife episode 7 saw Trixie shocked by the conditions people were living in at Lisbon Buildings. (Image credit: BBC)

The final episode of Call the Midwife Season 10 has aired, and what a series it has been. Despite being one episode shorter than the usual series due to filming restrictions, we have been treated to seven brilliant Sunday evenings with our favourite faces from Nonnatus House.  

Our favourite things about Call the Midwife Season 10, episode seven...

Trixie fighting for what is right 

We loved the moment that Trixie Franklin (Helen George ) realised the company behind the vile Lisbon Buildings was owned by none other than Matthew Aylward, the single dad who she has been helped since the tragic death of his wife, Fiona. 

Trixie and Matthew have built up quite a bond over the last few weeks, with the midwife even helping Matthew chose a new nanny for his baby, Johnathan. However their friendship was put to the test this week when Trixie called for the management company to face up to the terrible conditions their tenants were living in, only for Matthew to turn up at the meeting looking very sheepish indeed. 

But Trixie wasn't going to let their friendship stand in the way of fighting for what she believed in, and she soon told Matthew exactly what she thought about his business methods. 

Thankfully Trixie's words hit a nerve and soon Matthew was making changes for the better... and even pledging to donate £1000 a year to Nonnatus House in memory of his late wife. 

Could this be the last we see of Matthew now the series is over? Or is there something bubbling under the surface between him and Trixie? Could romance be on the cards? 

Call the Midwife Trixie and Matthew

Trixie didn't let her friendship with Matthew stand in the way of fighting for what was right.  (Image credit: BBC)

Nancy standing her ground 

We love newcomer Nancy Corrigan, and seeing her maternal instinct for little Colette kicking in when she realised the nun's were being heavy handed with her was great. She seems to act first, think later, which makes her all the more endearing, and we hope this is the start of big storylines for the new character. Now that she will be completing her midwifery training at Nonnatus House with Colette at a foster home nearby, it seems the sky is the limit for the most recent addition to the Poplar team. 

Fred's words of wisdom 

Whether he is betting against England in the World Cup or growing an abundance of courgettes, we have always loved Fred Buckle. But just when we thought we couldn't love him more, he spoke so frankly to the new father of a baby with Down's syndrome. Violet and Fred are fiercely protective of Reggie, who lives with them after his mother, Fred's cousin, passed away, and they were the perfect people to show new parents Blanche and Walter that their future is still full of hope and happiness despite baby Robert being born with Down's. Seeing Reggie pushing the pram with newborn Robert in it was the icing on the cake. 

Call the Midwife Reggie

Call the Midwife favourite Reggie showed baby Robert's family just how much they have got to look forward to.  (Image credit: BBC)

Lucille and Cyril's Christmas wedding 

Along with turkey and all the trimmings, a Call the Midwife Christmas special has become tradition over the festive season. And what could be more perfect as you're settling down with another mince pie than a wedding at Nonnatus House? Fans around the country whooped when Nurse Lucille Anderson and fiancé Cyril Robinson announced that they would be tying the knot in Poplar at Christmas, rather than waiting years before they could return home to their families to get wed. Just when we thought we couldn't be more excited for the festive episode, our favourite Call the Midwife couple will be walking down the aisle. 

All episode of Call the Midwife Seasons 1-10 are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer

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