'Holby City' exclusive — Belinda Owusu reveals what’s next for Nicky, Juliet and Jac!

Friends reunited: Holby City's Nicky and Jac.
Friends reunited: 'Holby City' favourites Nicky and Jac. (Image credit: BBC)

Warning: Holby City spoilers below…

In the closing scenes of Holby City this week, Nicky McKendrick decided not to sign the papers for her daughter Juliet to be adopted by Eli and Amelia Ebrahimi. 

It was a heartbreaking episode that started off with an anthrax scare. Escalated towards an emotional crescendo between Nicky and Jac Naylor while they were in isolation together. And ended in extreme relief as test results revealed the threat was harmless baking powder, sent by Patricia Cole, the daughter of one of Cameron Dunn’s victims.  

As the credits rolled Jac (Rosie Marcel) said the [destined for meme-hood] words ‘You are remarkable. And you are loved… Why do you think I came in that theatre today?’ and, after the entire ordeal, Nicky knew she could be a mother to baby Juliet.

We caught up with Belinda Owusu, 32, who plays Nicky McKendrick, to find out more about Nicky’s reconciliation with Jac and what the future holds…

What an episode of ‘Holby City!’ We can’t believe Jac used the word ‘love’ to Nicky…

Belinda Owusu: "There were some really great scenes with Rosie. When Jac said: ‘Why do you think I came into the theatre when you're covered in anthrax? It’s because I didn't want to leave you alone. Because I care about you. Because I love you. You are loved.’

“I’m going to have that scene projected onto my wall just on a loop. She doesn’t say that to very many people!"

How do you feel about Nicky’s decision and her reconciliation with Jac?

Belinda: "I’m so pleased that it’s a happy ending for Nicky! 

"Jac and Nicky - it’s a wonderful relationship. There are people you come across that are a guiding influence to you. It’s a bit symbiotic with myself and Rosie. She's so wonderful. I've learned a lot from her in the four years that we've worked together, so it's nice to be able to channel that through our characters."

We really get a sense of everything Nicky's been through in this episode...

Belinda: "Yes, her opening up to Jac and saying she knew that Cameron treated her terribly, but she didn’t want to rock the boat because she was scared he’d leave her. That, even though she knew he wasn’t good for her, it felt good that somebody had picked her. How she ignored the jibes about her drinking and eating. She’d smile and let it go because she thought that’s all she deserved. She didn’t know how bad he was - that he was going around murdering people."

Do you think he took advantage of her from the minute they met?

Belinda: "From the very beginning and she always had his back. There were a few occasions where you could overlook things. But it became harmful and manipulative. In the end she was like: ‘Oh, and you’re also a murderer who’s going to be locked away, and here I am stuck with your baby and no support. That’s my life now.’ I think she just shut herself down completely from that."

Thank goodness she feels differently now…

Belinda: "I’m so glad that she figured that out for herself. Jac and everybody could see that she wasn’t herself."

Will we see happy scenes between Nicky and baby Juliet - played by your daughter - in the future? 

Belinda: "For the next few episodes Nicky and Juliet get to have cuddles. It worked out pretty well filming with my daughter. With all the pandemic precautions I’m the only person that's allowed to hold her. If it had been a stranger baby it would have been hard to write a lot of the scenes. We didn't have to worry about the two metre distance. And it was awesome to have her there and share that with her."

What does the immediate future hold for Nicky? 

Belinda: "A nice time for her and Juliet! You see Nicky at the job that brings her great joy and success and how she manages that with being a mum. It’s important to see that, because it’s really hard - and I say that as someone who doesn’t have a 24/7 job saving lives."

Will she be with us until the final episode?

Belinda: "I think you see Nicky right through to the end. But the focus goes back to Jac and what are we going to do? You see Nicky taking her place in the world; not shying away from herself or her imposter syndrome. Finally standing up and thinking ‘I can do this. I want to do this. I'm going to do it’. And that all starts with getting her baby back and then becoming the person and the doctor that Jac Naylor has spent her time trying to create."

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