Who is Bling Empire’s Dr. Chiu: everything we know about Christine Chiu’s husband

Dr. Chiu in a medical office in Bling Empire
Bling Empire's Dr. Chiu (Image credit: Netflix)

When it comes to Bling Empire's Dr. Chiu, he has managed to garner quite a bit of attention on his own apart from his wife and series star Christine Chiu. Viewers have enjoyed watching him play the doting father to his child, affectionately called Baby G, and fans can’t get enough of the way he shows up for his spouse. 

After season 3 in particular, he managed to gain a groundswell of love from watchers as they appreciated the way he defended his wife in the whole Christine and Anna Shay rumor showdown and stood up for her when she was being inexplicably targeted by her good friend Mimi and good frenemy Kane

So what is there to know about the show’s favorite husband? Here’s what we found out about Dr. Chiu. 

What kind of doctor is Dr. Chiu?

Dr. Chiu is a world-renowned surgeon specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He currently is the face of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., where his wife Christine is a managing partner. While we won’t pretend to be experts in the medical field, looking at some of his work featured on the company’s website and reading through a few reviews, it appears he’s quite phenomenal at his job. 

In addition to being a plastic surgeon and reality personality, both he and his wife are incredible philanthropists. Here’s an interesting fact. In 2019, the couple partnered with then Prince Charles to launch The Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme, an initiative specializing in providing a community with holistic services. To read more about it, check out the full story on The Hollywood Reporter.  

How long have Christine Chiu and Dr. Chiu been married? 

Dr. Chiu in polka dots and his wife Christine Chiu in a pink dress at a party in Bling Empire

Dr. Chiu and Christine Chiu on Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

The loving couple got married on October 20, 2006. That’s right, they’ve been wed for over 15 years. When speaking to Oprah Daily about her marriage and the misconceptions people have, Christine stated: 

"Personally, people often think that I married into wealth — which is not the case. I come from a financially sound background. Or people think I sit around the house and I'm so lucky I've married a plastic surgeon and I don't have to do much. In fact, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery was something that I founded. Dr. Chiu was my very first employee. We've been partners ever since. My husband and I were taught to really work hard — not necessarily for the dollar, but for personal satisfaction. To wake up every day and be proud of accomplishing something."

Is Dr. Chiu royalty? 

As referenced in the show and mentioned on Oprah Daily, Dr. Chiu is the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty of China. While the dynasty’s rule over China ended in 1279, according to the Smithsonian Institute, during the height of the dynasty it was known for providing China with a "time of stability and economic, cultural and artistic prosperity." With that being said, is he royalty? 

Not quite. While old rules of succession would dictate that he’s in line to be emperor, there’s one thing stopping him from taking a seat on a throne. A throne doesn’t exist, because again, the Song Dynasty no longer has ruling authority in China. 

What is Dr. Chiu’s net worth? 

According to an article repackaged for Yahoo, Dr. Chiu and his wife Christine have an estimated combined net worth of $80 million. By any stretch of the imagination, the couple is doing quite well for themselves.  

How do fans feel about Dr. Chiu?

Again, fans love the good doctor. In light of all that went down in Bling Empire season 3, it was Dr. Chiu that not only escaped the wrath of Twitter users, but he further earned their admiration. Check out what some viewers have been saying about him.  

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