Bling Empire season 3: episode guide, trailer and everything we know about the hit reality series

Kevin Kreider smiling with Kelly Mi Li on Bling Empire season 3
Kevin and Kelly, Bling Empire season 3 (Image credit: Kit Karzen/Netflix)

In what is surely going to be a moment of pure joy for those that have missed seeing Anna Shay’s direct, no-holds-barred approach to life and Kevin Kreider in his attempts to find love, Bling Empire season 3 is here. 

For fans of the series, it may seem like it’s been forever and a day since they last caught up with all the messiness that was going on among this particular friend group. However, in actuality, season 2 premiered just this May.  With that said being said, what happens in the new episodes? 

Here’s everything we know about Bling Empire season 3.  

Bling Empire season 3 episode guide

Bling Empire season 3 debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, October 5. Below we've provided an episode guide for the new season. 

Episode 1: "Blast from the Past"
"Andrew tries to make amends with Anna, causing trouble for Kelly at Guy’s anniversary party. Jaime’s lunch with Christine gets heated." 

Episode 2: "Gossip Guy"
"Kelly is pleasantly surprised by a first date over spicy ramen. Christine and Gabe lose their cool at a birthday party for Mimi’s son Skyler." 

Episode 3: "Envy, Intrigue, and Escapes"
Kevin doesn’t react well to Kane’s news about working with Fenty. Kelly gets a surprise during an impromptu trip to Mexico. Kim makes peace with Anna." 

Episode 4: "Making Up in Malibu"
"A call from Dancing with the Stars cheers Christine up after painful news. Kelly brings Kevin, Kim and Kane to Malibu to work through some issues." 

Episode 5: "There’s Something about Janice"
"Reiki healer Janice helps Kevin, Kelly, Kane and Kim communicate — and catches Kevin’s eye. Christine strikes edgy poses for photographer Tyler Shields." 

Episode 6: "Achy Reiki Heart"
"Kane opens up about his insecurities. Kelly invites her mom to Mimi’s birthday party in San Francisco, hoping they’ll grow closer. Kevin goes on a date." 

Episode 7: "Crash and Burn"
"Christine airs old grievances. Kevin hits a bump in the road and has an emotional meeting with his cousin. A girls trip to Joshua Tree turns tense." 

Episode 8: "The Truth about Kim"
"Kevin and Kelly compete to pitch Don and Mimi on their booze-free beverages. Kim brings a hot date — and some brutal honesty — to Kane’s party." 

Episode 9: "Kevin in Paris"
"Christine and Kevin travel in style to Paris Fashion Week, where Kevin is wowed by the high life and Christine has an awkward run-in with Jamie." 

Episode 10: "The One That Got Away"
"In Paris, Christine plays cupid for Kevin and his ex-girlfriend Devon. Kane reflects on big career moves and Kevin celebrates six years of sobriety." 

What is Bling Empire season 3 about? 

So far, Netflix has gone on record to say of the new season: 

"...Viewers will finally learn why someone’s ex is crawling back with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

"Picking up where we last left LA’s fabulous and (mostly) wealthy Asians, the tension is at an all-time high in this friend group — but that won’t stop them from living their best lives. After a failed fling with Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee is off to Vegas in the upcoming season to continue her successful DJ residency. As for the other cast members, Kane Lim books a major fashion campaign, while Christine Chiu takes Kevin to Paris Fashion Week to help him rekindle an old flame. They don’t call Paris the 'city of love' for nothing."

Knowing this, let’s revisit where the group actually left off. For starters, after Christine attempted to confront Anna over a rumor that still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, two things came to light. First, the recent tension between the rivals was stirred by Kane’s hand, and for once Christine and Anna seemed in agreement over wanting to take him to task. Second, it was inferred the initial rumor that Christine seemed to hear in regard to Anna’s "threats" came from Jaime Xie. Given Jaime and Anna are close friends, this would be a big betrayal if proven true. 

Then there’s Kevin. Despite all of his efforts to prove himself to Kim, he wasn’t able to capture her heart. This was in part again because of Kane’s involvement. Despite Kevin supposedly being Kane’s BFF, Kane was quick to plant a seed in Kim’s mind that Kevin was not to be trusted. The Bling Empire audience will have to see how Kevin is able to proceed in relationships with both of them. 

Now in terms of the "ex crawling back," that was Andrew Gray showing up at Anna’s in the season 2 finale. The last time viewers heard of Andrew, his ex Kelly Mi Li was talking about the two’s split. To date, no explanation has been offered in regards to his return, so this will definitely be a must-watch storyline going forward. 

Bling Empire season 3 cast

Kevin, Kim and Kane surprised in Bling Empire

Kevin, Kim and Kane surprised in Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

Over the course of three seasons of the show, a core group has emerged as the focal point and they are expected to remain as such in the coming episodes. Here are the major players of Bling Empire

  •  Anna Shay  
  • Christine Chiu  
  • Kane Lim  
  • Kevin Kreider  
  • Kim Lee  
  • Kelly Mi Li 

Viewers are also familiar with seeing fashion star Jaime Xie on the canvas as well as Christine’s husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Additionally, Don and Mimi Morris were introduced last season along with Dorothy Wang, but as of now, we can only confirm Don and Mimi will be featured in the new episodes. 

Bling Empire season 3 trailer

Netflix has officially released the trailer, and it doesn't look like the cast has toned down the drama. Kim's conversation with Kevin was a bit harsh. Check it out. 

How to watch Bling Empire 

Bling Empire is a Netflix original series. Those interested in watching need to have a subscription to the streaming service. Currently, Netflix offers a few different subscription options for those looking to join the platform.  

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