Who is Jaime Xie on Bling Empire?

Jaime Xie on Bling Empire sitting down with Chanel necklace
Jaime Xie on Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

For three seasons now on Bling Empire, there’s been one cast member that has truly stood out for her unparalleled fashion sense. We’re speaking of course about Jaime Xie. Every time the youngest member of the cast steps foot on screen, it’s as if viewers are front row at a top designer’s fashion show. Looking at her social media, it appears her stellar style isn’t just reserved for the Netflix cameras either. Take a peek at her Instagram account.  

So just who is the young lady behind the labels? Here’s everything we know about Jaime Xie on Bling Empire

Who is Jaime Xie’s father? 

As briefly discussed on the show, Jaime comes from a wealthy family. Her father is none other than cybersecurity pioneer Ken Xie. Since the 90s, Ken Xie has been a wiz in the industry, launching the SIS firm in 1993 and then NetScreen three years later. Then in 2000, he cofounded Fortinet, a company where he currently sits as CEO and specializes in providing businesses firewalls, cloud security and other services. Looking to the Fortinet website, the cybersecurity firm states: 

"Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider and government organizations around the world."

Given that Fortinet services roughly 70% of the current Fortune 100 and Ken Xie has spent decades in the cybersecurity space, it should come as no surprise that he has managed to amass a net worth of $5.2 billion according to Forbes.  

What is Jaime Xie’s job? 

Other than starring on Netflix’s hit show, Jaime has a few other jobs. For starters, she is an influencer. When speaking to Business Insider, she revealed she makes nearly $100,000 per year from her activity on social media. 

Also, it turns out that Kevin Kreider is not the only model on the show. Jaimie has received her fair share of model bookings and has been featured in publications like Galore and Haper’s Baazar Thailand. 

In addition, Jaimie proudly works with her family’s nonprofit organization, the Xie Foundation, to give back. 

Be sure to check out her personal website.  

What is Jaime Xie’s networth? 

Jaime and Kane sitting at a restaurant on Bling Empire

Jaime and Kane, Bling Empire (Image credit: Netflix)

While her dad is a multi-billionaire, most guesses put Jamie Xie's networth around $50 million. That’s certainly not bad for someone who is still in her mid-20s.

What does Jaime Xie like other than fashion?

Bling Empire viewers may be surprised to learn that outside of clothes, shoes and accessories, Jaime loves horseback riding. According to an interview she did with Vogue, she is a former champion equestrian that ranked number one in the nation in the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Small Junior Hunter 16-17 Division.

Here’s another fun fact about the reality star:  she is a lover of decadent desserts when the mood strikes. While we aren’t sure if she’ll be auditioning to be on shows like The Great British Bake Off anytime soon, Jaime did post a few of her own baked goods on Instagram. (FYI, although she does enjoy desserts from time to time, she is also someone that prefers "clean eating" on a regular basis.) 

Who is Jaime Xie dating? 

While we did our best to look, we were unable to determine if the young socialite is dating. Although she is very active on social media, she doesn’t really post anything about who she’s romantically involved with. Fans will have to wait and see if she chooses to reveal more personal details later down the line.  

Bling Empire season 3 is now streaming on Netflix 

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