Mason gets his girl in Home and Away. Or does he? Orpheus Pledger reveals all

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(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Mason wants Olivia, but he and Hunter lash out at each other as they compete for the affections of the confused teenager, Orpheus Pledger reveals to Soaplife…

Mason is so relieved when his family are finally able to reveal their real identities. It gives him the confidence to accept Olivia Fraser’s invitation to be her plus-one at the formal – but their date doesn’t go to plan. “Unbeknown to both Mason and Olivia, her former boyfriend, Hunter, has decided to go to the formal, too, and it’s not long before Mason realises the girl he really likes still has feelings for her ex,” Orpheus Pledger tells Soaplife. The evening doesn’t end well. But worse is to come when Mason and Hunter come to blows the following day…

What are Mason’s feelings for Olivia? “He really likes her, but he’s not happy when she starts dancing with Hunter at the formal while he’s getting them a drink at the bar. Olivia [Raechelle Banno] makes out she was just killing time while she was waiting for him to return and he wants to believe her.”

And is that the end of it? “No. As the evening goes on, it’s clear Olivia’s still into Hunter [Scott Lee]. Mason’s had so much to deal with because of his family’s problems that he doesn’t need Olivia to bring him even more heartache.”

What happens next? “The morning after the formal, Olivia goes to see Mason at the lifeguard station where he’s just started his first official day as a lifeguard. She tries to make out the previous evening’s events with Hunter meant nothing, but tells her he has enough stress at the moment and he doesn’t need any more.”

How does he end up in a fight with Hunter? “Later, Mason and Hunter bump into each other at the beach. Mason acts completely out of character and he hits Hunter after the two of them exchange digs at one another. The situation escalates and a fight breaks out.”

How bad does it get between them? “Luckily, Alf Stewart [Ray Meagher] breaks up the brawl and he insists Hunter leaves. Mason feels quite ashamed over his actions and he’s very apologetic.”

Does Olivia get to hear about the fight? “Yes. She hears about it from Alf and she’s surprised to learn Mason threw the first punch. She later asks him what was he thinking! Mason replies he wasn’t thinking at all. Everything just got on top of him – the stuff with the family and also with Olivia – and he lashed out. Olivia wants them to start afresh. But Mason says it’s not a good idea.”

But he kisses Olivia at the Bay festival… Does that mean he wins her heart? “You’ll have to wait and see about that!”

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