Alf's son Duncan returns to Summer Bay!

Alf's dismayed when his estranged son Duncan makes a shock return to Summer Bay

After leaving Summer Bay under a cloud back in 2005, this week Duncan Stewart returns.

The relationship between him and his dad Alf has always been strained, however, and Alf is not exactly pleased to see his offspring on his doorstep. Why has Duncan come back now?

Meanwhile Tori, who's exasperated over her feelings for Nate and the mixed messages he's been giving her, immediately bonds with Duncan and it's clear there's a spark between them.

Is Duncan going to stick around? And are Alf's suspicions that he's only here to try and wheedle his way into his will, correct?


Earlier in the week, Nate feels awkward around Danika who is super keen and full on about what she believes to be, their developing romance

Things get a whole lot more tricky when Tori shows up. It's clear she really likes Nate but puts on a brave face when she sees him with Danika

The two women are civil to each other while Nate, who is secretly much more into Tori than he is Danika, wishes the ground would swallow him up

Later on Tori runs into a friendly stranger, Duncan. The two start chatting and immediately strike up a bond

Tori later finds out that Duncan is Alf's son

Meanwhile, Duncan bites the bullet and knocks on his father's door but gets a very frosty reception! Alf isn't at all pleased to see his son and is instantly cynical about his reasons for returning. Will father and son be able to build bridges? And how will Alf react when Duncan drops some bombshell news? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday 5 September