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Does FuboTV Latino have Family Share?

Best answer: Each Fubo account comes with the ability to watch from two screens at the same time. Family Share is an add-on option so you can watch from three screens at once. However, it's entirely separate from the Fubo Latino add-on, so you'll have to pay extra.

Fubo: Fubo TV ($45+/mo)

How does screen sharing work with Fubo?

If you subscribe to Fubo or Fubo Extra, you can watch from two screens at once. You can upgrade your subscription with Family Share to allow your account to watch on three screens at once for $6 extra per month. If you have a subscription to Fubo with FuboTV, your Family Share add-on is free for the first two months and will cost $6 per month afterward.

Fubo's Latino Plus is an add-on that does not include Family share. They're entirely separate.

How do you upgrade your subscription to include Fubo Latino Plus or Family Share?

You can include add-on options to your plan when you create your account on the Fubo website . Right after you select your desired package you'll be taken to the next screen to select any add-ons you want to be included. Each add-on comes with a monthly fee. The first payment is made as soon as it's added to your account.

If you already have a Fubo account and want to add Fubo Latino Plus to your account all you have to do is log in on the Fubo website , press My Account , and press Manage Add-Ons . From there you'll be able to make any changes you like.

If you ever wish to remove an add-on from your account you won't be reimbursed for the monthly fee for that add-on, but when the pay cycle for that month times out and Fubo won't charge you for it again.

A breakdown of Fubo Latino Plus

Fubo Latino Plus is a package you can add to your Fubo subscription for $8 per month. Each of the following channels will be made available to you when you add this package to your plan.

  • Gol TV Spanish, TyC Sports, Fox Desportes : Fox Desportes and BeIN Sports come with every Fubo package so you can watch sports in Spanish. Gol TV adds a golf channel and TyC Sports adds a soccer channel. With the Fubo Latino Plus package, you also get more channels for Fox Desportes.
  • BabyTV : The name says it all. This channel has plenty of baby-proof TV shows for the little ones to watch.
  • Cine Sony : Don't miss any of the best Blockbusters. This channel has a variety of movies, including El Jeremias, American Hustle, The Trust, Pixels, and more.
  • Fox Life : This channel carries a lot of Fox's original series and all of them are dubbed in Spanish. Catch up on Anatomia De Grey, The Resident, Blue Bloods, and more.
  • el Gourmet : As the name suggests, this channel is filled with content about cooking and food.
  • Mas Chic : This channel is great for those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with arts and crafts. Learn how to make new decorations for your home. There are even how-to segments to show you how to cook easy meals for the family.
  • Nat Geo Mundo : This channel is the Spanish version of National Geographic. It contains documentaries about anything and everything from around the world. Topics like science, culture, nature, history, and so on are covered in detail for you to learn everything about.
  • Nuestra Tele : This channel is full of entertainment for news, sports, live talk shows, and telenovelas. There are even popular shows like El desayuno, El show de las estrellas, and more!
  • CNN : The 24-hour news channel features talk shows like Camilo, entertainment-news shows like Aristegui, and educational media shows like Clix. It has everything you need to stay up to date.