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Is FuboTV available on PlayStation 4?

Best answer: Sorry gamers! FuboTV isn't available on PlayStation. Thankfully, cord-cutting sports enthusiasts can get their fix by picking up Google's $35 Chromecast dongle.

What competition?

The PlayStation 4 is a great piece of kit capable of many things, but Sony is very strategic regarding the software allowed on its hardware. A delight for gamers, the PS4 has some of the best exclusive video games on the market. Toss in media options like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Sony's in-house digital video service and you've practically got a one-stop shop for entertainment. There is however a small catch here.

Sony offers its own TV streaming platform and the company would much rather see you subscribe to its aptly named PlayStation Vue service before anything else. This is why PlayStation fans shouldn't expect to see FuboTV hitting their console's dashboard anytime soon.

What makes FuboTV worthwhile?

It may be tempting to stick all of your eggs in the PlayStation basket, but while Vue is a great service, you're here for sports. Right now, FuboTV is the best all around option for cord-cutting sports fans. A subscription can grant access to NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games along with just about all the soccer you can handle . In addition to mainstream athletic contests, FuboTV has carved out a space for cycling enthusiasts with its own Fubo Cycling channel. This network features live UCI-governed races from around the world.

Okay, now I really want FuboTV

Ready to give FuboTV a shot? You'll need some new hardware to get the service streaming on your TV. To accomplish this, we recommend Google's Chromecast. A simple HDMI plug-in media dongle that's light, unobtrusive, and plays nice with just about every streaming service. A minimalist approach, just plug in the device, pair it with your smartphone and start watching your favorite teams.

One of the biggest selling points of cord-cutting is having the freedom to cancel and change services as you see fit. The Chromecast offers just that in a low-cost $35 package.