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How to watch 'Bloodlands' online anywhere in the world

James Nesbitt Tom Brannick Bloodlands
Watch Bloodlands online anywhere in the world. (Image credit: BBC1)

Bloodlands is a new crime thriller on BBC1, which sees James Nesbitt in the leading role as police detective Tom Brannick. Here's how to watch Bloodlands online anywhere in the world.

It's one of the most eagerly-anticipated BBC dramas of 2021 and promises to draw huge ratings.

The synopsis reads: "When a car containing a possible suicide note is pulled out of Strangford Lough, Northern Irish police detective Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt) quickly connects it to an infamous cold case with enormous personal significance. 

"Bloodlands follows his hunt for the legendary assassin known as 'Goliath', an explosive cat-and-mouse game where the stakes have never been higher."

Nesbitt tells us: "Brannick is a strong, solid guy who believes in the values of right and wrong and is prepared to stand up for what he believes in and go to great lengths to protect those close to him."

Here's where to go if you want to watch Bloodlands anywhere in the world...

How to watch Bloodlands online free with BBC iPlayer in the UK

Bloodlands airs on BBC1 on Sunday February 21 at 9pm, with subsequent episodes following weekly in the same time slot. It will also be available to stream and catch up on iPlayer.

How to watch Bloodlands online from anywhere in the world

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How to watch Bloodlands in the US

Bloodlands will be available to stream on Acorn TV in March.

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