How to watch Euro 2020 online from anywhere

The Euro 2020 tournament flag outside Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.
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The biggest football tournament in all of Europe is finally here. Euro 2020. (Yes, it's 2021. But the global pandemic pushed things back a bit. Deal with it.

And while this is a definitively (and by definition) European tournament, football fans from all 24 teams will be watching from all corners of the globe when the first game kicks off on June 11, and the final crowns a champion on July 11.

There's a lot of football to be had in just one month. Some 51 matches, to be precise. So, then, how can you watch from anywhere in the world? It's quite easy, actually.

How to watch Euro 2020 online from anywhere

We've already discussed how to watch Euro 2020 from the United States. But what if you're from some part of the world that doesn't have ESPN? Or what if you're simply away from your home country and your usual method of watching football?

Thanks to the modern miracle of the Internet, you've got options. 

A virtual private network makes it easy to watch Euro 2020 just as you normally would, whether you're in Europe. Or Asia. Or Africa. Or even North America.

That's because a VPN takes all your internet traffic and tunnels it through a specific set of servers in a specific country. So even if you're not in, say, Spain, but you'd normally watch through your local provider, you can set things up as if your computer was still in Spain.

Or same goes for Germany or Sweden or wherever. And a VPN has an added bonus of making sure all your traffic can safely and securely make its way through a public Wifi access point, so you don't have to worry about anyone snooping on your traffic.


ExpressVPN is one of the easiest and affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. Plus it'll help keep your network traffic away from any prying eyes on public networks.

It's also a great way to make sure you can watch every Euro 2020 match, no matter where in the world you may be.

Euro 2020 first-round schedule and times

Here is a breakdown of the UEFA Euro Championship schedule for the group stage. All times are Central European Time. Locations are in parenthesis.

Friday, June 11

Italy 3, Turkey 0

Saturday, June 12

Wales 1, Switzerland 1
Finland 1, Denmark 0
Belgium 3, Russia 0

Sunday, June 13

England 1, Croatia 0
Austria 3, North Macedonia 1
Netherlands 3, Ukraine 2

Monday, June 14

Scotland vs. Czech Republic, 15:00 (Glasgow)
Poland vs. Slovakia, 18:00 (St. Petersburg)
Spain vs. Sweden, 21:00 (Seville)

Tuesday, June 15

Hungary vs. Portugal, 18:00 (Budapest)
France vs. Germany, 21:00 (Munich)

Wednesday, June 16

Finland vs. Russia, 15:00 (St. Petersburg)
Turkey vs. Wales, 18:00 (Baku)
Italy vs. Switzerland, 21:00 (Rome)

Thursday, June 17

Ukraine vs. North Macedonia, 15:00 (Bucharest)
Denmark vs. Belgium, 18:00 (Copenhagen)
Netherlands vs. Austria, 21:00 (Amsterdam)

Friday, June 18

Sweden vs. Slovakia, 15:00 (St. Petersburg)
Croatia vs. Czech Republic, 18:00 (Glasgow)
England vs. Scotland, 21:00 (London)

Saturday, June 19

Hungary vs. France, 15:00 (Budapest)
Portugal vs. Germany, 18:00 (Munich)
Spain vs. Poland, 21:00 (Seville)

Sunday, June 20

Switzerland vs. Turkey, 18:00 (Baku)
Italy vs. Wales, 18:00 (Rome)

Monday, June 21

North Macedonia vs. Netherlands, 18:00 (Amsterdam)
Ukraine vs. Austria, 18:00 (Bucharest)
Russia vs. Denmark, 21:00 (Copenhagen)
Finland vs. Belgium, 21:00 (St. Petersburg)

Tuesday, June 22

Croatia vs. Scotland, 21:00 (Glasgow)
Czech Republic vs. England, 21:00 (London)

Wednesday, June 23

Slovakia vs. Spain, 18:00 (Seville)
Sweden vs. Poland, 18:00 (St. Petersburg)
Portugal vs. France, 21:00 (Budapest)
Germany vs. Hungary, 21:00 (Munich)

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