How to watch the 2024 French Open on Peacock

Iga Swiatek in the French Open 2023 finals
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Is it the year of Peacock? It certainly is if you're a sports fan because NBCUniversal's streaming service is playing host to a range of sporting events this year, and one going on right now is the 2024 French Open.

Growth of NBC's streaming service has grown substantially since its turbulent debut in 2020 thanks in large part due to its exclusive preview of Universal films - recently Oppenheimer - and their recent winning streak of TV series. From Rian Johnson's Peabody Award-nominated Pokerface to the zeitgeisty - across both side of the Atlantic - reality series The Traitors to their most binged comedy series: Twisted Metal, Peacock have renewed these original hits for new upcoming seasons.

Their sports output is also enviable with Peacock being the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics' exclusive home for every second of coverage, from the opening ceremony until its final day. More information on how to watch the biggest sports tournament in the world on Peacock soon. The next two weeks will also be filled with over 60 hours of Indy 500 content, read more about how to watch this in our guide here.

Which brings us to the 2024 French Open, the upcoming tennis tournament streaming on Peacock later this month and everything you need to know about how to watch it...

How to watch the French Open on Peacock

The French Open, officially known as Roland-Garros, is the second major tennis competition of the year which collectively make up the Grand Slam tournaments - the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US open completing the line up. This Paris-based professional tournament played at the end of May will be available to watch this year on Peacock alongside Fubo and Sling TV. More information on how to watch on the latter streaming site to come soon.

Watching this incredible season of tennis on Peacock - thankfully - could not be any simpler. First step: make sure you download the streaming app on your chosen device or type in followed by your email address to create your Peacock account. 

When selecting what plan works for you on this streaming service, consider if you are willing to put up with frequent commercial interruptions for a more affordable price. Peacock's base offering - named Peacock Premium (ads) for obvious reasons - is $5.99 per month, translating to $59.99 annually working out to a saving of $11.89 annually. 

If you cannot stomach having your programmes interrupted by pesky ads then you may want to consider Peacock Premium Plus (ad-free). However, this latter premium - annoyingly they're both called 'premium' plans - comes in at double the price at $11.99 per month working out to $119.99 annually with a saving of $23.89 across the year. For a more detailed breakdown of the main differences which this latter plan affords, including the extra channels available, check out our guide here.

Peacock Premium annual plan: was $60now $20

Peacock Premium annual plan: was $60 now $20
An annual susbscription to Peacock's ad-supported Premium tier usually costs $60 for a whole year, and it's soon about to get even more expensive, but for a limited time only you can get it for just $20. See below on how to sign up.

French Open on Peacock

While the official schedule of the French tournament has not been announced yet we know the dates that this clay court competition will take place: Monday 20th May until Sunday 9th June.

Peacock is set to offer live streams of basically all the games, so you can hit up the site or app to see what's streaming during the week.

The first week consists of qualifying games, starting on Monday 20th and concluding on Friday 24th, which will decide who plays in the actual tournament which begins on Sunday 26th with the men's and women's singles first round. The second, third and fourth rounds of both men's and women's singles will continue from Wednesday 29th until Monday 3rd June.

Getting into the all-important matches, the quarter-finals will take place across Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th, with the women's semi-finals being held on Thursday 6th and the men's semi-finals on Friday 7th. And make sure to set an alarm for the nail-biting finals with the women's finals set to conclude on Saturday 8th and the men's on Sunday 9th. Times will differ depending on where you are based so make sure you check in on them nearer the time so you can enjoy over a fortnight's worth of premium tennis on Peacock.

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