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How to watch the Six Nations Rugby Finals from anywhere

Garry Ringrose of Ireland makes it out of the scrum against Italy in the Six Nations match in Dublin.
(Image credit: Ramsey Cardy/Getty Images)

One of those undiscovered gems of sports for many (OK, most) of us in the United States is Six Nations rugby. And this weekend we'll happen to be blessed by the Six Nations Finals. 

The six nations in question are Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Wales and Italy.

And on Saturday, one of them will be crowned the grand champion.

Here's the really cool part: You can watch the Six Nations championship from just about anywhere. Here's how.

How to watch the Six Nations Championship from anywhere

If you're lucky enough to be in the United Kingdom for Saturday's final day of play, you're set. Just fire up the ITV Hub app or your favorite ITV Hub website and you're good to go — they're streaming the games for free.

If you're not in the UK, however — like, if you're going to be outside the country for the last batch of games but still want to check in on the action — you're in luck. A simple VPN will route your internet traffic through the UK, which is the next best thing to actually being in the UK. And from there you can watch the Six Nations finals all you want.

There's one catch when it comes to a VPN, of course, and that's that you need to be able to trust it because it's going to be routing all of your network traffic through its servers, encrypted and unencrypted alike. And for that, we've got a suggestion — ExpressVPN.


ExpressVPN is one of the easiest and affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. Plus it'll help keep your network traffic away from any prying eyes on public networks when you're done watching the Six Nations finale.

Plus it's got a free trial, so you can kick the tires a bit. But it's so good and so easy to use, you'll likely want to stick around for a bit.

How to watch Six Nations Championships: Where we're at

The three Six Nations matches on Saturday, Oct. 25, are the fifth round in this year's competition. The champion will be crowned either in Rome or in Paris.

Here's how the games break down. (All times are GMT.)

  • Wales vs. Scotland, 9:15 a.m. (4:15 a.m. Eastern)
  • Italy vs. England, 11:45 a.m. (6:45 a.m. Eastern)
  • France vs. Ireland, 3:05 p.m. (10:05 a.m. Eastern)

The last two matches are the ones with championship implications. Ireland is atop the tables with 15 points. England and France each have 13 points, followed by Scotland (10), Wales (7) and Italy (0).

The timing works out just about right for those of us in North America who want to watch the Six Nations finals. The opening match will be in the small hours, but Italy vs. England and France vs. Ireland will sit nicely between breakfast and brunch, depending on your time zone. 

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