A real-life Squid Game is coming to Netflix, with casting now open

Competition scene from Squid Game season 1
Competition scene from Squid Game season 1 (Image credit: Netflix)

The powers that be at Netflix are launching a real-life version of Squid Game. Based on the megahit drama series that is Netflix's most-viewed show ever comes the new competition series Squid Game: The Challenge. Squid Game fans that have always deduced they could win the fictional competition if just given the chance will now have the opportunity to prove that. 

Check out Netflix’s official announcement.  

Notably different in Squid Game: The Challenge from its inspiration is the fact that death isn’t looming around as a consequence for failing to win in a competition. We imagine that should take a lot of the pressure off contestants. 

Another difference will be the cash prize amount. In the fictional series, the lone survivor of the game received $45.6 billion won, which today is over $35 million in US currency and almost $30 million in UK currency. While the prize pot is not quite as large in the reality competition, it’s still a sizeable sum of money. According to Variety, the winner of the inaugural season of the new show stands to earn $4.56 million US dollars, which is roughly $3.8 million pounds in the UK. (Think about all the gas you can but with that amount.)

So if the prospect of playing an adult version of games like Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War and of course, the Squid Game, interest you, along with the potential to claim the jackpot, here’s how you can apply to play. 

Currently, Netflix is holding a global casting call that you can apply to by heading over to Squid Game Casting. They are allowing room for 456 players, which will make it the "largest cast in reality TV history." Taking a look at the application form, you must be at least 21 years old and "must be available to take part in the program for up to four weeks currently anticipated to be in early 2023." Do you have what it takes to win Squid Game: The Challenge

If you want to see how the first season plays out first, we understand. No word just yet on when the show will premiere, but if you like competition series there are a few other options to watch debuting this summer. For example, both Big Brother and The Challenge: USA premiere in July.

You can also start studying strategy by watching Squid Game season 1 on Netflix.

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