Below Deck: Captain Sandy to the rescue!

Captain Sandy wearing sunglasses on Below Deck Mediterranean
Captain Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean (Image credit: Bravo)

Surprise! It's a Below Deck crossover! On the latest episode of Bravo's nautical franchise, the St. David crew learned who would be replacing Captain Lee Rosbach after his injury forced him to step away. Instead of bringing aboard a brand new captain, fans were delighted to see that Below Deck Mediterranean's own Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in to save the day. 

After a briefing from Captain Lee, the crew got its first look at the new captain, and it wasn't until she stepped through the doorway that they (and fans) knew it was Captain Sandy. 

While the crew was happy to see a Bravo legend taking over (Sandy has been with Below Deck Med since the second season) they were all-too aware that a new captain meant new ways of running things. Chef Rachel and the interior team were shocked but delighted to discover Sandy has no problem helping with dishes or picking up a mop to clean the galley after dinner service. 

Sandy quickly saw that Alissa was working hard and Camille, frankly, wasn't. Camille demanded that Ross allow her to work on deck after she decided she was done doing laundry for Fraser, and Ross and Fraser were not happy about it. 

It looks like Camille's on the thinnest ice yet now that Sandy has seen a bit of it for herself. Camille will either have to shape up or ship out. 

Speaking of shipping out, Tony was very unhappy when Ross told the deck crew that Sandy wants them all to rotate on anchor watch to learn how to do it. Long nights of anchor watch will keep Tony from his early morning workouts, which means he'll be grumpy and out of sorts. Stay tuned to see how that plays out…

Let's take a look at what fans were saying about Captain Sandy taking over the St. David:

Thankfully, we know Captain Lee is now in good health and doesn’t have any plans to leave the franchise any time soon. But until he returns, the St. David is in very good hands with Captain Sandy.  

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo and next day on Peacock. New episodes of the show are available on Hayu in the UK.  

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