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'Coronation Street' shock as THIS character makes unexpected cameo in Craig David's latest music video

Coronation Street - Craig David on stage for KISS FM - October 2021
Craig David and MNEK's new music video features a familiar 'Coronation Street' face. (Image credit: Getty)

Coronation Street fans will have to watch Craig David and MNEK's new music video for their single 'Who You Are' very closely because someone from Weatherfield has made a cameo in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. 

Nina Lucas, played by Mollie Gallagher, appears in the new video by music legend Craig David, who has collaborated with MNEK for a new single that speaks out about being true to yourself. 

The video for the single, released last month, shows two teens struggling with who they are... one who spends her time airbrushing her pictures for social media, and another who is putting on an act to fit in with his friends, while deep down wanting to be someone totally different. 

Coronation STreet's Nina Lucas' picture in Craig David/MNEK music video

Nina's face can be seen at the beginning of Craig David and MNEK's video.  (Image credit: Craig David/MNEK/YouTube)

Nina's picture can be seen pinned to the teenage girl's bedroom mirror, clearly an inspiration as someone who isn't scared to be themselves. 

Soap fans will know that in Coronation Street Nina has recently been the target of a horrendous hate crime for the way she dresses.

The attack on her and boyfriend Seb Franklin was so vicious that it left them both fighting for their lives in hospital, with Seb sadly passing away from his injuries shortly afterward.

The hard-hitting storyline, based on the harrowing real-life death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007, spoke out to anyone who finds themselves not fitting in with their peers — the same message that Craig David and MNEK's video is also trying to get across.

Nina gets ready to tell the truth and send Corey down.

Nina bravely stood up in court and relived what happened the night Seb was killed.  (Image credit: ITV)

Since Seb's death, his attacker Corey Brent has managed to convince a jury that he is innocent of the crime. However, the truth is catching up with him, leaving fans hoping that justice for Seb will soon be served.

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