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Devastation for THIS Home and Away favourite as their actions have life-threatening consequences

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Home and Away's Ziggy Astoni realises that her destructive behaviour isn't just putting herself in danger, but her friends too...

Today's Home and Away sees Dean Thompson in a bad way after being beaten up by a gang from out of town... but will his injuries make Ziggy Astoni realise that her partying ways are putting those she loves in danger?

Home and Away fans have watched Ziggy go off the rails since her marriage ended after finding out about husband Brody Morgan's affair with Simone Bedford, and last week things got more than a little out of hand.

Friday 31st May saw Dean targeted by a gang of men after he stopped them getting over friendly with Ziggy after a night out.

Ziggy, Ben and Maggie Astoni Home and Away

Ziggy's partying ways have ended in disaster (Credit: Channel 5)

But it seems the men weren't happy about Dean putting an end to their 'fun' because after he delivered Ziggy home safely, he found the gang waiting for him at the caravan park.

Today's episode sees Dean waking up on the side of an abandoned road, beaten and bruised. But lucky for him, Ben Astoni is driving past and sees him limping towards town.

After telling Dean he needs to get checked out, Ben is shocked when he refuses to go to hospital, and instead Ben takes a stubborn Dean home to his place where Maggie and Ziggy tend to his wounds.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson, Ben Astoni

Ziggy knows Dean's beating is partly her fault (Credit: Channel 5)

But while Dean is adamant that he won't be reporting the attack to the police, Ziggy is quietly trying to hide her guilt that Dean got hurt because of her partying ways.

As the weight of her actions hit her heard, Ziggy realises that she needs to make some changes to how she copes with her marriage breakdown.

But when Dean reassures her that he doesn't blame her for what happened, she lashes out and tells him that he should be punishing her instead of protecting her.

Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson Home and Away

Dean doesn't blame Ziggy for his attack, but she thinks he should! (Credit: Channel 5)

However, Dean's friendship is too strong, and he knows that Ziggy already feels bad enough.

As she breaks down in his arms, it seems Dean's attack might have been the wake up call that the mechanic needed to reassess her life without husband Brody by her side.

But will she be able to make those life changes before someone else gets hurt?

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