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EastEnders fans DESPERATE for THIS couple to get back together after HEARTBREAKING moment last night

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EastEnders fans have called for Billy and Honey Mitchell to get back together...

Last night's EastEnders saw Billy Mitchell discover the true extent of Honey Mitchell's eating disorder... and fans are calling for soap bosses to get the pair back together after moving scenes.

EastEnders fans have known for weeks that Honey is struggling in the wake of throwing cheating boyfriend Adam Bateman out before Christmas.

Honey and Billy EastEnders BBC

Honey and Mitch's date went well until chips were involved (Picture: BBC)

Since her world fell apart, Honey has been struggling with her eating disorder, and last night's double bill of EastEnders showed just how dangerous her battle with food has become.

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After being asked on a date by Mitch Baker, Honey seemed to find her life getting back on track with smooth-talking Mitch giving her a much-needed confidence boost.

But when Honey only ordered a side salad for her lunch, Mitch thought she was just being polite and threw some of his chips on her plate to share with her.

But of course the sight of the food made Honey's stomach heave and she made a hasty exit... much to Mitch's shock.

Honey and Billy EastEnders BBC

Honey gorged when she got home in a bid to make herself feel better (Picture: BBC)

Once at home viewers realised just how bad things had got for Honey as she found all the unhealthy food in the house and started gorging on it all in a bid to make herself feel better.

But of course, eating so much only made Honey feel worse, but before she could make herself sick her family arrived home and dragged her along to Janet's beauty pageant.

At the pageant, Honey raced to the toilets to make herself sick, not realising that Janet was also in the toilets and had heard everything.

Honey and Billy EastEnders BBC

Honey made herself sick, but both Janet and Billy caught her out (Picture: BBC)

Billy was fuming to find Janet exposed to Honey's troubles and shouted at his ex later that evening. But while it might not have been the right way to go about confronting Honey about her troubles, it was clear Billy was deeply worried about her.

As he did some research on line, Lola caught Billy and quizzed him over why he was reading about eating disorders, only to be left shocked when he told her about Honey.

Honey and Billy EastEnders BBC

Billy admitted to Lola that he will always love Honey, leaving fans calling for a reunion between the pair (Picture: BBC)

But fans hearts broke for Billy when he admitted to Lola that while he liked Karen, he would always love Honey...

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So could fans have their wishes answered and see Honey and Billy reunited?

With Honey in desperate need of help, it seems Billy could be the one to stand by her side as she gets herself back on track.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.