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EastEnders fans STUNNED to see THIS ‘forgotten’ character make an appearance last night

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Fans were shocked to see Bex Fowler back on their screens...

EastEnders fans were surprised to see Bex Fowler make an unexpected return to our screens last night.

Viewers will remember that Bex left Walford in March to travel the world, leaving her mum, Sonia, heartbroken.

Bex and Sonia EastEnders BBC

Fans were stunned to see Bex make an unexpected appearance on EastEnders last night (Picture: BBC)

Poor Bex left after a turbulent few years that started when she lost her best friend Shaki Kazemi to knife crime.

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More recently Bex struggled with the pressures of getting into university before then attempting to take her own life.

But after leaving London, it seems Bex is living her best life in Australia according to her blog 'Travel Babble'.

Last night's EastEnders saw Sonia looking sad as she read about her daughter's adventures online.

Bex and Sonia EastEnders BBC

Bex seems to be having the time of her life in Australia (Picture: BBC)

While the storyline was actually about Sonia being so lonely that she is searching for her long-lost dad online, fans we're distracted by the mention of Bex.

Bex is back!

The pictures of Bex left fans thrilled that the former Walford resident was making an appearance.

However some even admitted they had actually forgotten about the character completely...

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But with Bex now travelling, Martin moving on with his life as he starts a new job as a nightclub bouncer and potential romance with Ruby Allen, poor Sonia has been left home alone.

With Dot also away in Wales and Tiffany and Whitney getting on with their own lives, it seems Sonia needs a new project.

Sonia searches for her dad

As she searched for her dad, Terry Cant, last night, it seems there could be a big new storyline in the pipeline for Sonia if she does manage to track him down.

Bex and Sonia EastEnders BBC

Feeling lonely, Sonia has decided to search for her dad (Picture: BBC)

But fans will have a bit of a wait on their hands, with tonight's EastEnders being the last one to air for the foreseeable.

The soap will take an unavoidable break after tonight's episode, and instead they will be airing EastEnders: Secret's from The Square, presented by Stacey Dooley, on a Monday night from 22nd June.

Classic episodes of the soap will then air on a Tuesday evening.