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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans notice MIND-BOGGLING moment in last night’s episode

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Whitney's sleeping arrangements have got fans talking...

Last night's EastEnders saw plenty of drama as Whitney Dean discovered that Leo King's mum, Michaela, had been writing vile things about her online.

However, it wasn't Michaela's attempts to dirty Whtiney's name that got fans talking, instead they were more interested in the fact Whitney had slept in her clothes and make up.

Whitney Dean EastEnders BBC

Whitney's sleeping attire got fans talking last night (Picture: BBC)

The bizarre moment came after last week's episodes saw Whitney confronted by Michaela in the street.

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Despite seeming to initially be on Whitney's side, Leo's mum soon turned on her son's killer and has since been making her life a misery.

The last we saw of Whitney in last Tuesday's episode was her talking with Sonia in Dot's house, telling her that she was convinced that she would be going to prison for Leo's murder, despite his death being an accident.

Last week's EastEnders saw Michaela arrive in Walford to terrorise Whitney (Picture: BBC)

Last week's EastEnders saw Michaela arrive in Walford to terrorise Whitney (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Then last night's episode opened with Whitney asleep on the sofa, but fans were baffled by the fact she was still in the same clothes from the day before and woke up with perfect hair and make up...

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But whether or not she had remembered to take her make up off the night before was the least of Whitney's problems, especially when she later discovered what Michaela had been writing about her online.

Whitney Dean EastEnders BBC

Whitney was still wearing the same clothes from the night before when Sonia went to wake her (Picture: BBC)

Despite Sonia's desperate attempts to stop Whitney finding out by confiscating her phone for the day, Whitney could tell something was wrong when everyone seemed to be staring at her in the market.

Soon she confronted her friends and family about what had happened and the truth was revealed.

But instead of giving up, a pep talk from Max Branning about how awful prison is soon kicked Whitney into action.

But instead of getting her to fight the charges against her, Max's words seem to have forced Whitney onto a different path.

Whitney Dean EastEnders BBC

Fans noticed that Whitney woke up with perfect hair and make up (Picture: BBC)

As she snuck her passport out of the draw at home, could it be that she is planning to run away from Walford - and the murder charges against her?

Tonight's EastEnders sees more Whitney drama unfold... don't miss it!

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