EastEnders fans shocked by Vi Highways' controversial parenting methods

EastEnders Vi Highway drinking wine
EastEnders' Vi Highway was back to her usual tricks with her dubious parenting methods. (Image credit: BBC)

It looks like we won’t be taking any parenting hacks from EastEnders favourite Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) any time soon!

EastEnders viewers were stunned by last night’s episode (Monday, April. 4) as Vi Highway had some very old-school and questionable parenting methods for new baby Roland.

Vi returned to EastEnders last week after a few months away and it seems she hasn’t changed her quick-witted and controversial ways.

Since her comeback, Vi learned that her grandson, Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ), had cancer and was refusing to get surgery.

However, with Vi’s comfort and persuasion, and with the arrival of his and Rainie Highway’s (Tanya Franks) baby by surrogate Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris), he has since agreed to have the life-saving operation.

In last night’s episode, Rainie was fussing over newborn Roland back at home while Vi questioned Rainie’s parenting as she sipped on some wine.

Rainie Highway holding baby Roland

Rainie was not happy when Vi had a shocking parenting idea. (Image credit: BBC)

As Rainie cradled a sleeping Roland in her arms, saying, “Mummy’s got ya. Mummy’s got ya,” Vi couldn’t help but intervene.

“Keep on and you’ll wake him up!” she snapped.

“It’s called positive reinforcement. I’m establishing who I am,” Rainie replied.

“While he’s asleep?” a baffled Vi questioned, “What good’s that going to do?”

Rainie then said: “I’m talking to his subconscious. I read about it in an article.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, you should tell your old man, while he’s asleep, to stop piddling on the toilet seat. Do us all a favour,” Vi hilariously responded.

Roland’s dummy then dropped on the floor and Rainie asked Vi to pick it up and rinse it. But, as Vi did as she was asked, Rainie was horrified when Vi cleaned the dummy in her red wine!

Vi Highway dips a dummy in red wine

Vi had some rather outrageous parenting methods! (Image credit: BBC)

“Oi! Are you actually deranged?” Rainie fumed.

“What? It’ll help him sleep better than you yapping in his ear! Plus, alcohol kills germs,” Vi quipped back.

Despite Vi’s controversial parenting hack, her caring and understanding side was soon shown as the pair shared a heart-felt moment over Stuart.

Fans were both shocked and amused by Vi’s parenting technique…

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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