EastEnders fans solve big new Cindy Beale mystery!

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale in EastEnders
Cindy's secrets are spilling out in EastEnders (Image credit: BBC)

The search for Cindy Beale story in EastEnders has seen a new clue which could be the key to Gina and Anna discovering their mum’s real identity.

However, the scene in Thursday’s episode ­– which was the cliff-hanger for the whole week – left some viewers scratching their heads.

Gina Knight and Anna Knight arrive in the Queen Vic

Gina and Anna want to know the truth about their mum. (Image credit: BBC)

Following Gina’s meltdown over the news that her mum Rose had been hiding her true identity, the clan agreed to put ‘Rose’ behind them and move on.

However, Anna’s interest was piqued once more after Bobby looked disappointed that his brother Peter wouldn’t be coming to Kathy’s wedding. Of course, Bobby remains unaware that Peter is currently living with his parents Ian and Cindy in France – and that Anna is Peter’s half-sister!

Anna EastEnders Molly Rainford

What has Anna stumbled on? (Image credit: BBC)

But her chat with Bobby put family back at the forefront of Anna’s mind and she fished out her mother's old jewellery box from where Gina had thrown it in the bin.

Amongst the jewellery, Anna pulled out a locket which was engraved with the date ‘9.12.93’.

It seems Anna is still determined to track down her mum, and the ‘doof doof’ moment really hit it home that the date on the locket is significant. But many viewers felt left in the dark about this mystery date.

EastEnders Anna Molly Rainford

What secrets does the locket hold? (Image credit: BBC)

Luckily, EastEnders’ loyal fans were on hand to answer any questions. It turns out the 9th of December 1993 is a very significant date for Cindy…

“Anna, that’s your brother and sister's date of birth,” one revealed. While another concurred, “The date on the necklace is Peter and Lucy’s birthday. OMG!”

Fans are sure that twins Peter and Lucy’s birthdate on the locket must now play a vital part in Cindy being reunited with the family she abandoned nine years ago.

Anna has a growing friendship with Bobby, so will he be the once to inform her of the significance of the date – which could be the key to everything?

“Bobby will recognise the date when Anna asks for help tracing her mum,” thought one viewer. While another speculated: “If someone opens the locket, I bet there will be a picture of Cindy on her own or with the twins.”

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale in EastEnders

Cindy made a shock comeback earlier this month. (Image credit: BBC)

All in all, the exciting is building, with Cindy due back in the Square later this summer – and we can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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