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EastEnders fans torn over whether this LEGEND murdered Keanu instead of Martin

(Image credit: BBC)

Did Linda Carter pull the trigger?

EastEnders fans are torn over whether Linda Carter played a crucial role in the apparent murder of Keanu Taylor on Christmas Day.

After Keanu’s affair with Sharon (Letitia Dean) finally came out, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) got Martin to kidnap Keanu before Martin apparently blasted him dead in brutal scenes that went out on Christmas Day.

Martin (James Bye) showed Ben video phone footage of him apparently slaying Keanu (Danny Walters). However, many viewers are now sure that Linda (Kellie Bright) must be involved in the death in some way after she was seen wiping blood from her boots.

Linda Carter wiping blood from her shoes in EastEnders

In the Boxing Day EastEnders was Linda Carter wiping Keanu's blood from her boots?

Linda, who’s been losing her fight with alcoholism, went AWOL on Christmas Day and that has led fans to wonder if she was forced by Martin to pull the trigger.

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However, some fans can’t see any logical reason why Linda would have been involved. There’s also the question of what Martin would hope to gain by dragging another person into the murder of Keanu? Could Linda have possibly witnessed Keanu's killing, then tried to help him, and that explains why she has blood on her shoes?

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EastEnders Linda New Year's Eve drinking

Linda Carter will take center stage in the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day episodes of EastEnders (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Other fan theories are that Martin staged the killing and that Keanu is actually still alive. One speculated that we will soon see a scene with Keanu at an airport as he flees the country.

EastEnders has teased that "all will be revealed" in a special flashback episode on New Year's Day.

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And Kellie Bright, who plays Linda, has also teased that her character will be seen doing "horrendous things" in the New Year's Eve episode.

We know she's hiding a secret from her family, but what is it?

Kellie has said:“You might think she has hit rock bottom at New Year’s Eve, but there is more! Having said that, her New Year’s Eve is pretty out there and unbelievable, and she does some horrendous things."

Does she do 'horrendous' things because of guilt over Keanu? Because she saw him being murdered? Or because she was the one who pulled the trigger? Or is this all a red herring?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 tonight at 8pm.