EastEnders fans upset as Lola is 'manipulated' by cruel Emma

Emma Harding is in Albert Square
Emma Harding returned to EastEnders and manipulated her way into Lola Pearce-Brown's life. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans blasted Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) as she manipulated her terminally ill daughter Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold) following her return to the Square.

Recently in EastEnders, Lola's daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) was left concerned about her mum's health after she zoned out while Lexi was talking to her.

Husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) noticed that Lexi was really struggling to cope with the reality of her mum's illness and encouraged Lola to book Lexi in with a counsellor.

After initially rejecting his suggestion, she eventually saw sense and agreed to let Lexi see a counsellor.

However, during last night's episode (Tuesday, March 14) the couple were stunned when Emma unexpectedly showed up to Walford with a gift in tow.

jay Brown tries to talk round Lola Pearce Brown

Emma paid an unexpected visit to Lola and her husband Jay Brown. (Image credit: BBC)

As Emma questioned Lola about her new symptoms, Lola was stunned when Emma revealed that Lexi had called her to tell her that she was worried about her mum. 

Then to Lola's horror, she discovered that Emma had secretly gave Lexi her phone number and told her to not tell Lola.

After a furious argument with Emma, Lola soon forgave her mum's deceit and welcomed her back into the home to talk to Lexi.

However, Jay was left frustrated when Lola told Emma that they were sending Lexi to a grief counsellor. 

It wasn't long before manipulative Emma was expressing concern over their decision and talked Lola out of the counselling idea, saying that it was best dealt with by the family. 

Emma Harding in a blue and white striped shirt

Emma convinced Lola to not let Lexi see a counsellor. (Image credit: BBC)

She said: "Look, obviously, you both know best, and I wouldn't dream of telling you how to raise Lexi. But she might get more comfort from talking to her nan rather than a stranger. And look, you two, you're the best parents. I mean, we could make a great team, us three."

And just like that, all of Jay's hard work came undone as Lola agreed with her mum's suggestion.

"You're right. Jay, I'm sorry. She doesn't need to see a grief counsellor does she? She has everything she needs right here," Lola replied.

Unimpressed fans on Twitter wasted no time in criticising 'manipulative' Emma and that she was meddling in Lola's business...

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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