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This EastEnders favourite faces KIDNAP HORROR tonight

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Is Phil behind the kidnapping? And will Keanu pay the ultimate price?

Keanu Taylor could be murdered by Phil Mitchell in EastEnders tonight for bedding his wife Sharon Mitchell… and therefore also doing the dirty on his daughter Louise Mitchell.

The mechanic has been dicing with death ever since he decided to bed Phil Mitchell’s wife Sharon (played by Letitia Dean).

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell in bed with Keanu Taylor

Has Phil finally found out that Keanu bedded his wife Sharon?

Sharon is now pregnant and a delighted Phil (Steve McFadden) thinks he’s the father, but the unborn child could be Keanu’s.

Plus, to make things even more complicated, Keanu (Danny Walters) is now engaged to Phil’s daughter Louise and she’s of course pregnant too.

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Tonight in EastEnders, Louise heads off to have her first baby scan and is annoyed that Keanu isn’t with her.

Louise’s half-brother, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), loves the fact that Louise (Tilly Keeper) is angry with Keanu and steps in to accompany Louise to the scan.

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Ben Mitchell

Louise, wondering where on earth Keanu is, waits with Ben for her sonogram

But, Keanu has a very good reason for not being at the scan – he’s been kidnapped!

Keanu wakes up in a groggy state and finds himself tied up in an empty warehouse. He’s convinced that Phil is behind the kidnap after finally learning the truth about Keanu and Sharon.

Keanu is convinced that Phil is going to murder him. But is it actually Phil behind the kidnap plot? Or is someone else pulling the strings? And will Keanu escape with his life?

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 7.30pm.