FUMING EastEnders fans all have the same complaint about Zack's devastating diagnosis

Zack Hudson is in a pickle in EastEnders
EastEnders fans were less than impressed with Zack Hudson's nurse. (Image credit: BBC)

Furious EastEnders fans were all saying the same thing about Zack Hudson's (James Farrar) nurse during last night's episode (Monday, January 16) after he tested positive for HIV.

Zack continued to spiral during last night's EastEnders after Brett told him last week that he had been diagnosed with HIV and that it's possible Zack could have it too since they shared needles in the past when taking steroids together.

And with Zack expecting a baby with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), he's terrified that they could have it too.

In last night's episode, the pressure got too much for Zack and he exploded at Walford East after Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) criticised him for not going to Whitney's baby scan.

He accidentally smashed a glass and cut himself, before refusing to let anyone tend to his wound and running out of the restaurant as he was scared that his blood could pass on the virus to others.

Zack Hudson gets tested for HIV

Zack went to get tested for HIV. (Image credit: BBC)

He harshly rejected his dream job opportunity of becoming head chef and insulted the Panesar family.

Meanwhile, when he returned home, his sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) got in contact with Brett's old gym and was about to break the news to Zack about what she had heard.

Zack thought she was going to tell him that she knew everything, but instead, she revealed that Brett and Zack had attacked a man and put him in hospital, telling Zack that he had "blood on his hands".

Believing that he had started using steroids again, Zack was quick to refuse her accusations and a concerned Sharon was eager to know what was wrong.

The pair soon had a heart-to-heart and Sharon encouraged him to take responsibility for his actions, which made Zack go and get tested.

Nurse tells Zack Hudson that he's HIV positive

Fans were baffled by the nurse's uncompassionate attitude. (Image credit: BBC)

As an anxious Zack waited for the results, fans were distracted by how despondent and uncompassionate the nurse was being when he asked her questions about HIV.

And soon, he received the heartbreaking diagnosis that he was HIV positive, but viewers were outraged by how the nurse told him the devastating news.

"Erm, sorry...you are HIV positive," she bluntly told him.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their anger over the nurse's lack of empathy and were fuming with how the soap portrayed the medical professional...

EastEnders continues Wednesday, January 18 at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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