General Hospital spoilers: Anna’s plan flops and Valentin targets a Port Charles resident?

James Patrick Stuart as Valentin holding a gun in General Hospital
James Patrick Stuart, General Hospital (Image credit: Disney)

General Hospital’s Pikeman group has been wreaking havoc in Port Charles for months. Although Sonny (Maurice Benard) has largely been the target of the criminal organization’s unwanted/lethal affection, it’s those around him who have been caught in the crossfire, i.e. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Curtis (Donnell Turner). 

Well, now that Anna (Finola Hughes) and Jason (Steve Burton) have a pretty good idea that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is leading the criminal organization, the two have put their heads together and have devised a plan to take him down. 

Anna believes that she can sit down and have dinner with Valentin, and he’ll put his cards on the table knowing she has a clue what he’s been up to. She’s banking on the fact that they once dated and still have love for each other, hoping that will be enough to get him to confess his transgressions. If things go south, she’s relying on Jason to step up and do what needs to be done. 

The problem with this scheme is actually the love Anna and Valentin still share. While Anna thinks she can use it to manipulate some kind of confession, he could easily use it to manipulate Anna into letting him just leave Port Charles without facing consequences. Heck, he could also pretend as if he’s only leading Pikeman because he has no choice, which could be true if our hunch that he’s working for Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) rings true. 

Kate Mansi as Kristina concerned in General Hospital

Kate Mansi, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Disney)

Either way, we don’t think Valentin is quite finished with his Pikeman reign, as he’s likely to go out with a big bang. One that puts a Port Charles resident in trouble. But who? 

We’ve long suspected that Kristina (Kate Mansi) may find herself as the next Pikeman victim. She’s the pregnant daughter of Sonny, and her going missing right before she’s due to give birth to Molly (Kristen Vaganos) and TJ’s (Tajh Bellow) baby makes for the perfect soapy storm. Much of Port Charles would be out looking for her, and Sonny may be willing to exchange his territory for the safe return of his daughter. Or at the very least, he may finally turn to rely on Jason again to get her back.

Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright as Sam and Carly staring down each other in General Hospital

Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright, General Hospital (Image credit: Disney/Christine Bartolucci)

Now if Valentin opts not to kidnap his pregnant cousin, we think either Sam (Kelly Monaco), Carly (Laura Wright) or both may be in trouble (yes, we know Sam and Valentin are also cousins). 

Both women have ties to Jason, and Valentin has wanted to eliminate Jason for weeks. The Cassadine could use Sam and/or Carly as bait to lure Jason into a trap to attempt to kill him. Not for nothing, it would be nice to see the ladies trapped in a precarious situation together, as the fear of death may be what helps them mend their friendship. 

We should also mention that Carly has been snooping around the Pikeman investigation and has found herself to be the source of Brennan’s (Charles Mesure) attention for weeks. She could easily wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time and be kidnapped. 

While it’s a bit too soon to say what will happen for sure, we think Valentin may go too far in what he does next, which may result in his death

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