'Give it a rest please' Love Island UK viewers 'angry' after noticing weird trend return — and it's all Molly Mae's fault

The Islanders during the ‘Wary Tales’ challenge. Molly and Jess.
(Image credit: ITV Pictures)

Love Island 2023 has finally started and so far, we're having a great time — but fans did notice a weird trend coming back in episode two...

The islanders are finally settled in and we saw them spend their first night in the villa. However, they weren't alone because contestant Molly Marsh brought her very own... teddy bear! Remind you of someone?

Viewers were quick to point out that ever since Molly Mae brought Ellie Belly into the villa with her, other contestants have done the same and it's fair to say, they don't like it.

"Ever since Ellie Bellie came on the show everyone now has a teddy #LoveIsland", one wrote; while another said: "Every year there’s some girl with a damn ragged teddy. Give it a rest please #LoveIsland". 

Another was a bit more annoyed at the extra islander in the villa: "Molly mae you have ruined my life. Now everyone wants to bring a teddy into this villa. ENOUGH #LoveIsland".

Another wrote: "EVERY YEAR since Molly Mae, there’s always ONE that brings a teddy, like it’s forcing it a bit #LoveIsland".

"Oh here we go Molly has a teddy. Yawn it’s already clear they will win and I’m angry #loveisland", a fan of the show wrote.

However, others did defend Molly's decision to take her teddy into the villa, saying it probably helps when islanders start missing their loved ones and home comforts. 

"The anti-teddy bear discourse is so tedious. If you were going to be separated from your family and friends for 3 months, with no contact at all, of course you'd take something comforting that reminds you of home", one viewer on Twitter.

Good point!

How to watch Love Island UK

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