Home and Away’s Penny McNamee talks Tori and Christian wedding plans!

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The Bay’s Penny McNamee reveals all on Tori’s whirlwind romance, the prospect of being a soap bride and fulfilling a dream to be the Bay’s Meg Ryan!

It’s fair to say that Summer Bay medic Tori Morgan has been unlucky in love, but she seems to have found the winning ticket with her latest romantic partner, surgeon Christian Green (played by Spartacus actor Ditch Davey).

Home and Away star Penny McNamee chatted to whatsontv.co.uk about Tori and Christian’s surprise engagement and teased what’s in store for their future.

Home and Away, Tori Morgan, Christian Green played by Penny McNamee and Ditch Davey

Penny McNamee says Tori did NOT know what to make of Dr Christian when they first met! (Image credit: Channel 5)

The couple started dating last year but with Christian living away from the Bay it’s taken time for their relationship to move up a gear.

“Tori felt he was pretty arrogant when he first came into the hospital,” points out Penny. 

“He rubbed her up the wrong way but also straight away she thought he was very attractive and charming.”

Has Tori found true love?

After things started to get more serious between them, Christian was keen to move in with Tori.

Although she loves him, she felt things were moving very fast.

Tori Morgan played by Penny McNamee, Ash Ashford

Tori was left heartbroken when Ash left the bay without her in 2018 (Picture: Channel 5)

“She doesn’t want to do anything too rash because that’s her nature - and because of the last couple of relationships she had with Ash [Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford] and Nate [Cooper],” explained Penny.

“When those relationships got really serious they broke up with her and left the bay. She’s a little bit scarred from that.”

Is Tori surprised by the proposal?

“They’re talking about moving in together and Tori is freaking out a bit because she thinks it’s too quick,” reveals Penny. 

“Instead of backing down, Christian says ‘I love you, I want to be married to you, marry me’!

“Tori is very shocked, but eventually she stops thinking with her head and starts following her heart and says ‘yes’.”

Bride and joy!

Penny first joined the Aussie soap in 2016 and, unusually for soapland, she’s been a bridesmaid but she’s yet to be a bride...

“I’d love to have a Summer Bay wedding! It would be beautiful. I think Christian is the right guy for Tori out of all the men she’s dated.

“Maybe they can have another couple of babies and she could still do her medical work, because she loves that too.

"She deserves a happy ending."

Lewis Hayes in Home and Away

Newcomer Lewis Hayes looks set to cause ructions for Christian

However, Penny knows things have been going a little TOO smoothly so far and teased there are a few bumps in the road to come.

Especially with the arrival of nurse Lewis Hayes - a face from Christian’s past. 

“I know that there are plans for hopefully getting them married.

"But I think they’re going to have a few hurdles to jump over before they get to the wedding," she warned.

“Christian gets in quite a bit of trouble at the hospital which causes a rift between him and Tori.

"They’ll have to work their way through that."

A more playful Tori

For Penny, one of the delights of Tori’s pairing with Christian has been a chance for her to try her hand at some Meg Ryan-style romcom.

Especially in the early days of Tori and Christian’s encounters when, Penny admits, a lovestruck Tori was a 'bit of a klutz' around the handsome surgeon.

“I can do romantic comedy well because I love it. And Ditch is the same. He’s got great comic timing and is so charming so it really worked.”

A photo posted by on

Penny McNamee shared for fans an instagram post with Tori and Christian's best moments

Tori is a much-loved character on the show and - as Penny puts it - she’s 'been through the wringer'.

Fans have been rooting for Tori to get a break when it comes to affairs of the heart.

“Ditch and I have been so happy that the fans have responded so beautifully to their relationship.

"We tried really hard to germinate a relationship that people would love to love," she shared.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Tori really does get her happy ever after… And of course a big Summer Bay wedding!

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