How to watch the Canada vs Belgium World Cup 2022 game online from anywhere

Canada's Alphonso Davis (no. 19) celebrates after scoring a goal
Canada's Alphonso Davis (no. 19) celebrates after scoring a goal (Image credit: Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images)

The World Cup 2022 is well underway, and after the Germany vs Japan and Spain vs Costa Rica games, Canada vs Belgium is up next.

Both squads are part of group F of the tournament, alongside Morocco and Croatia. All four teams have their first match on November 23.

Due to the World Cup 2022 being an international spectacle, it's pretty easy to watch these two games and all the others using the power of the web. That's why we've written this guide — we'll run you through how to watch the Canada vs Belgium World Cup match from around the world.

How to watch Canada vs Belgium in the US

In the US, the Canada vs Belgium game kicks off at 2 pm ET/11 am PT, the last game of the day.

Fox is airing the game on its primary channel, so if you have a live TV streaming service like FuboTVHulu with Live TVYouTube TV or Sling TV, you'll be able to stream it on the Fox channel or can watch it through

There's another option, but with a catch. Peacock subscribers can stream the game, but only in Spanish — it's a simulcast of Telemundo's coverage of the tournament. You won't need a Premium or Premium Plus subscription ($4.99 or $9.99 per month respectively), as the first 12 games of the tournament are available on Peacock Free (Canada vs Belgium is actually the last of these free-streaming games).

How to watch Canada vs Belgium in the UK

In the UK, kick-off is at 7 pm.

Through the World Cup 2022, BBC and ITV are alternating who streams which games, but for Canada vs Belgium you'll have to watch it on BBC 1 — yes, this does mean you can watch it on iPlayer too, as the BBC lets you stream live TV from its online app. You'll need a licence fee for either method.

How to watch Canada vs Belgium from anywhere

If you're going to be away from home but still want to watch the Canada vs Belgium game, you might run into some problems. Thankfully, you'll be able to solve this exact issue with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A VPN lets you get change your IP address, meaning you can watch your favorite TV programs from wherever they are shown and wherever you are, even if you're going to be away from where you would normally watch. Our favorite is ExpressVPN, which is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our sister site, TechRadar.

Canada vs Belgium important information

When does Canada vs Belgium kick off?

Canada vs Belgium starts at 2 pm ET/11 am PT/7 pm UK, though most channels air pre-kick-off analysis beforehand.

That makes the game the last on November 23, with Morocco vs Croatia, Japan vs Germany and Spain vs Costa Rica all earlier in the day.

Where does Canada vs Belgium take place?

The Canada vs Belgium game takes place in Qatar's Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, in the city of Al-Rayyan (which lends itself to the colloquial name of the pitch, the Al-Rayyan Stadium).

Seating nearly 45,000 people, this is one of the biggest stadiums Qatar has, though after the World Cup it's getting a downsize to a capacity of roughly 21,000.

Belgium is using the same arena later in the tournament, when it plays Croatia, but Canada won't be returning (no knockout-round games that Canada is eligible for will play there).

What you need to know about Canada vs Belgium

Canada and Belgium are separated by geography, language and culture, and so they haven't faced each other on the world stage for quite some time. In fact, the last time they played was in 1989.

Looking at past performance, both Belgium and Canada seem roughly equally matched, with both having a series of wins and loses in the past month.

However in the 2018 World Cup, Belgium came third, while Canada didn't even qualify, so the European country does have history on its side.

This is both team's first game of the tournament, so it'll give us an early impression as to how well they perform through the whole Cup. In the coming days, both will go against other group-F teams Morocco and Croatia, with only the top two teams going against the top teams of group E (Spain, Germany, Costa Rica and Japan) in the first round of the knockout.

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