Karen Taylor’s world falls apart in tonight’s EastEnders after SHOCK attack on her kids

EastEnders Karen Taylor
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Is the latest incident involving the family just one trauma too far for a struggling Karen in tonight’s episode of EastEnders?

EastEnders' usually feisty and upbeat Karen Taylor has had a huge amount of upset to deal with over recent months and it’s really started to grind her down. When a seriously ill Dinah and her young daughter Bailey came into Karen’s life she stepped up to help care for them. Then a struggling Dinah confessed she wanted to end her life and she asked a stunned Karen to be by her side.

Determined not to let Dinah die, Karen tried to give her something to live for. She thought her words of encouragement had worked and kept her promise to keep Dinah’s request secret. She was horrified to return home from a day in the park with the kids to find that Dinah had gone through with her threat on her own.

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Things got even worse for Karen when she discovered that as a matter of course the police would have to investigate. And if anyone was found to know about Dinah’s plans they could be in trouble… Could she end up in prison?

EastEnders Linda Carter and Dennis Rickman

Linda tries to help Dennis who has been hurt.

This week, Karen arranged a picnic in the park for Bailey and the kids to try to cheer up the grieving youngster. But things soon turned sour when wannabe gangster Dennis Mitchell got hit in the face and Bailey claimed she was at fault.

Seriously embarrassed that he was hit by a girl, Dennis talked his mates into getting revenge on Bailey and the Taylor family. Chatham and Riley ended up in the firing line when Dennis targeted them with water balloons.

EastEnders Karen Taylor

Karen is upset that Chatham and Riley were attacked.

Although the boys aren’t hurt, they’re upset and it’s all too much for Karen cope with. In tonight’s episode, Chantelle has to comfort her distraught mum who is left in tears when she discovers that the water bombing has also been posted online.

When Karen finds out that Dennis Mitchell is to blame, she goes on the warpath… Is this the start of a Taylor-Mitchell war and will it break Karen?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00 pm.

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